The various pious associations of the parish act as its backbone giving a helping hand to all the religious activities of the parish. Presently we have the alter servers helping at mass and at all its religious activities. The church choir – it is not exactly known when the church choir was started but it is on record that Mr John Joseph Rego of Bendur started a small group of youth singing during Mass and liturgical functions about 75 years ago. This group was highly trained and sang Latin hymns in four voices. Later on Mr Wilfred Gratian Pinto took charge of the singing group which was encouraged and even improved by the various priests to serve in the parish. This choir is presently guided by Prof. Alban Castelino and Mr Simon Walter Colaco. The Sodality of our Lady, Legion of Mary and the Third Order Tertiaries (S.F.O.) are working for the piety of its members and in general for the parishioners. The Catholic Action League that was started in the parish by Mr Bernard Martis in 1934 when Fr Francis D’Souza was the Parish Priest is conducting many welfare activities for the all round development of the youth. The Catholic Sabha that was started in Bendur by Fr Joseph P Tauro with Mr Maritto Sequeira as its first president on January 14th 1996 is active in the parish promoting the unity of the community and making the parishioners aware of their duties and rights as well as guiding the families to live a better life. The society of St Vincent de Paul first started in Mangalore in 1926 during the time of Msgr R.F.C. Mascarenhas at Bendur under the leadership of Mr Louis Mascarenhas is continuing the good work among the poor, sick, lonely and the needy parishioners by providing them with foodstuffs weekly, attending to their house repairs, to the education of their children and by giving them medical aid by collecting funds from the generous parishioners as and when necessary. The Young Christian Students (Y.C.S.) movement is helping to build and train our youth to be the leaders of our community.

The unique feature of the Bendur Parish is the close co-operation between the parishioners and the parish priests starting from the founder to date. The parishioners being proud of their parish have been always very generous towards the parish needs.