The Bendur Fraternity of Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) was canonically erected on 25th November 1953 by Rev. Fr. William O.F.M. cap., delegated by Rev. Fr. Superior, St. Anne’s Friary, Codialbail, under the invocation and patronage of St. Leonard of fort Maurice. Rev. Fr. Alexander Pinto was the Parish Priest of Bendur during that time.

Until now about 150 Permanent members have been registered in this fraternity since its formation. Many of them have passed away and some of them are unable to attend the meetings due to old age or sickness.

Once in three years, the members elect the President, Vice President, Secretary and the Treasurer, under supervision of Spiritual Director from St Anne’s Friary. The meetings are held as per the guidelines laid down in the Hand Book of Secular Franciscan Order.

The SFO members try to live a life as per the Word of God, trying to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi. The members lead a dedicated life, rendering services to the down trodden, carrying out charity works and performing spiritual deeds. They visit the poor patients in the hospitals, attend funerals and conduct prayer services at the funerals. Once a month the members visit an ashram or a Home for the Aged and entertain the inmates. They also extend their helping hand in the liturgy of the Parish.

Some of the members are actively involved in the Church work.

Bendur SFO is closely linked with the other fraternities in the diocese. The office bearers regularly attend the meetings held in the Friary. The feast of St Francis of Assisi is celebrated on the 4th of October every year. The feast is celebrated at parish level and at varado level in the chosen Parish.

On October 2nd a pilgrimage is organized to Farangipet Hill House, which is known as The Mother House or the Cradle of Capuchins, by all the varado members. The members of the varadoes join together at the foot of the hill, walk up to the church in a procession and spend the day in prayer.

The members contribute as per their wish to the secret purse during the meetings. The amount collected is used for charity deeds or expenses for
the association.

The present office bearers are: 
President – Rita Rodrigues
Vice President – Flanny Dsouza
Formator – Elenora Pinto
Secretary – Shanthi Menezes
Representatives 1 – Winny Dsouza
Representative 2 –  Ruby Lobo