The first programme of the Centenary Celebrations, a workshop on Small Christian Community was held at St Sebastian Parish Hall, here on February 17. The programme began with an invocation. Simon Pinto welcomed the gathering. Parish Priest of Bendur Fr Antony Serrao inaugurated the workshop. Speaking on the occasion Fr Serrao said that, we have already inaugurated the centenary celebrations and this workshop is the first programme of the centenary year. To make the year of faith meaningful and to be witness of our faith we need to strengthen the Small Christian Community in our parishes because it will help us to grow in faith and also to live by what we profess and celebrate at the grassroot level. Small Christian Community unites the people of the wards. Sometimes we think that SCC is a waste of time, where some people go and spend time in prayer and return back home. But SCC will strengthen the bond and brotherhood in between families in the wards.

To strengthen the Small Christian Community, every family should actively take part in the ward activities which will help to keep the parish alive. To make the Centenary successful all the parishioners should work hand in hand and take active part in the parish activities.

Fr Walter D’Souza who was the main speaker, addressing the gathering said, “Faith is all about celebration of relationship, brotherhood and complete confidence or trust in a person. If we don’t have brotherhood and we are unable to retain good relationship with others, there will not be faith”. To strengthen our faith we should be united, to be united we need to meet through small Christian Community meetings and discuss the problems in the ward or surroundings and find a solution.

The Session ended at 12 noon.