At Bendur Parish the festive mass was celebrated by the parish priest Fr Antony Serrao along with assistant parish priest Fr Paul Crasta, Fr John Baptist, Fr Vincent Monteiro  and Padua college principal Fr Michael Santhumayor.

In his homily Fr Paul said that from the last four weeks we were waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ and today he is with us.  Recalling a story of a old man, Fr Paul said that, the old man was searching for God everywhere but he did not get any answer.  He referred many books to find out the way to meet Jesus, but he could not succeed.  One day when he was sitting alone and asking God, “Jesus Where are you?  I want to see you, I have trust in you an I want to meet you”.  Same time he heard a voice within saying I am in your heart and I am with you. 

Further he said that Jesus is everywhere but we have failed to recognize Jesus.  Jesus was born in a manger to give us comfort and happiness by sacrificing all his happiness.  He died on the cross to save us from our sins and give us new life.  Jesus Christ is present in the Eucharist, these are the three signs that Jesus is with us.

Further he said, “We have to keep two things in mind and they are love and peace.  We have to think deeper on these two words.  When we shut our doors to our neighbours it is like shutting the doors to our Lord.  When we make time to help the poor and the needy there is God.  We have to be the messengers of Jesus and try to bring peace at home, in the neighbourhood as well as in the society.”

While concluding  Fr Paul said, “Christmas is a time to spread joy, peace and harmony but how much joy we are spreading joy around us has to be introspected.”