The diocesan post-centenary silver jubilee cross reaches Milagres parish here on January 20.

The cross had been handed over from Bejai parish to the Bendur parish on Monday 16 January. Bejai parish priest Fr Victor Machado handed over the cross to Bendur parish priest Fr Antony Serrao on Monday

On Jan 16, the Bendur parish was the 156th to recieve the post-centenary silver jubilee cross. The parishioners came in large numbers to the church in 4 days and offered prayers. On Friday, Fr Antony Serrao and assistant parish priest Fr Anil D’Mello offered the Holy mass at 4 pm in Bendur church.

Thereafter the procession of the holy cross began from Bendur and culminated at Milagres grounds. Milagres parish priest Fr Walter D’Mello received the cross from Fr Serrao and it was taken inside the church in a procession.

Fr Walter led the prayer and blessed all the devotees. The cross will remain in Milagres church for 4 days and then will be handed over to Valencia church.

Milagres church is the 157th church to receive the cross. From Valencia Parish the cross will be handed over to Jeppu church followed by Cascia church, finally to reach the 161st station, the Rosario cathedral.