On Easter day, 15th April, all the faithful had gathered to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Easter Vigil liturgy began at 7:00 p.m. The parish priest Rev.Fr. Antony Shera, along with Asst priests Rev Fr Ashwin Cardoza, Rev. Fr Roshan D’Cunha and the principal of Padua College Rev. Fr Alwin Serrao, blessed the Fire and lighted the Easter Candle 2017. Thereafter the Altar Boys joined the priests in procession to the Altar, singing the Easter joy.  Holding the lighted candles in their hands, people joyfully raised their hearts and minds to the Lord as the Pascal hymn was sung proclaiming the importance of the Easter vigil and the Pascal candle. Rev Fr Alwin Serrao offered the solemn mass as main Celebrant. Rev Fr Antony Shera the parish priest gave a beautiful reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus. With His thought provoking homily he helped us to experience the resurrected Jesus. Water was blessed and the baptismal vows were renewed and the holy water was sprinkled on the congregation. The church organ, which was silent in the Lenten season, was enlivened by the choirs.  Vice President of the Parish Pastoral Parishad Mr. Ronad Walder and Mrs. Mevis Rodrigues the secretary of PPC and with the help of the Sisters and Volunteers the joy of Easter was enriched.

Pics by: Winston Saldanha.