World over, this day is celebrated as the feast of Immaculate Conception. The Konkani Christians, apart from paying obeisance to Mother Mary, also celebrate the festival of the new corn (harvest) on this day.

The faithful thronged churches in processions, dressed in colorful attires, with people carrying flowers in baskets and paddy.

Happy feast to all our christian community..
may you blossom like these beautiful flowers and spread the fragrance to your family, neighborhood and society…….

At our Church, the procession of the Bambina of Infant Mary, began from 2 places, Bajjodi and Bendurwell. All the people marched in procession by carrying paddy corns and children carrying flowers.
At 8 a.m children offered flowers to the Bambina of Mary. The festive mass began at 8.15 a.m.
Parish Priest Fr Antony Serrao concelebrated the festive mass, commemorating the Nativity Feast of Blessed Virgin Mary along with Assistant Priests.