Padua Composite Pre-University College is a Religious and Linguistic Minority Institution, run by the Catholic Board of Education. Mangalore.

It was in 1944. Padua School was founded as secondary School by the then Mangalore Bishop Rt. Rev. Victor R. Fernandes.

It was upgraded to a Pre-University College in the year 2000.

This College is primarily run for the Education of Catholic men and women but is also open to all men and women, irrespective of caste and creed.

We aim to create an atmosphere that gives our students, staff and collaborators a deep spiritual experience which will enable them to be imbued with a sense of the Divine, to build up their lives in obedience to the truth, to be guided by right values and to be courageous to stand by their conviction.

The students here are trained to be persons for others, individuals, who. with an attitude of service, work for the liberation of the poor and the oppressed.

Thus they will be promoters of peace, unity, brotherhood and love.

Our institution strives at the formation of persons to be intellectually competent, who will think critically, act effectively in various situations of life and will be emotionally and psychologically well-balanced, radiating happiness and contentment all around.

All in all-persons with a vision and with a mission

Padua P.U (Principal): Mrs.Gladys Moras (Ph: +91 9481920494)