At our Church, the procession of the Bambina of Infant Mary, began from 2 places, Bajjodi and Bendurwell.  All the people marched in procession by carrying paddy corns and children carrying flowers.

At 8 a.m children offered flowers to the Bambina of Mary.  The festive mass began at 8.15 a.m.

Parish Priest Fr Antony Serrao concelebrated the festive mass, commemorating the Nativity Feast of Blessed Virgin Mary  along with Assistant Priests, Fr Paul Crasta, and Fr John Baptist, Fr Micheal Santhumayor and Fr Melwyn D’Cunha,

Assistant Parish Priest Fr John Baptist in his homily said, “In every successful human being there is a woman, she is none other than our own mother.  She always thinks about the success of her child”.  Recalling a story of a mother of ten children, it so happen during her 75th birthday celebration, the master of the ceremony asked her, “What was her happiest moment in her life”? She replied, ” When I was bearing all that delivery pain, and after the delivery, seeing the face of the new born was the happiest moment in my life”.

 Fr. John further said that the Nativity feast originated from Mother Mary Church Bandra, Mumbai, when the fishermen were fishing they used to pray to Mother Mary for their safety.  And on September 8, they used to offer fish and vegetables to Mother Mary.  The same feast spread to the coastal town of Mangalore, and Mangaloreans continued the tradition, which is now celebrated by the people of Mangalore all over the world, as the Nativity Feast of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Further he said that many parents who are old are spending  lives in the old age homes because their children don’t want to take care of their parents in their old age.  He further said that the family that prays together, stays together. He also said that we have to consider Mother Mary as our Morning Star and Jesus as the Rising Sun.

All the children attending the festive service at the Church were distributed Sugar canes after the Mass, which they all happily carried them to their homes.