At St Sebastian Church Bendur, the adoration of the Holy Sacrament was held at 7:00 pm followed by mass at 8:00 pm.

The thanksgiving mass was celebrated by the Assistant Parish Priest Fr Nelson Peris along with other priests.

In his homily, Fr Alwyn Serrao said, “We need to be grateful. Those who have gratefulness they have mental health. Those who have gratitude they get sound sleep, they don’t need sleeping pills. If you thank anyone who has helped you, the relationship will be strengthened. Gratitude will increase happiness and lower the rate of depression.”

Recalling the story of Lepers Fr Alwyn said, “Jesus healed ten lepers but only one of them, returned with a loud voice glorifying God and thanking him. Our gratitude should be sincere. When we have gratitude we are good people. We should not hurt those who have helped us. Even married couples should have gratitude for each other, if you say thank you to each other, the happiness in your married life will increase. When we are able to thank God for everything our life will change. Gratitude can shift your focus and improve the quality of your life. So be thankful to everyone for everything”.

Parish Priest Fr Vincent wished the parishioners a very happy and fruitful new year 2020.