Palm Sunday was celebrated at Bendur parish on Sunday, April 1 morning.

The palms were blessed by parish priest Fr Antony Serrao on St Theresa school ground and thereafter all the faithful walked to Bendur Church in a grand procession.

In the Christian calendar, Palm Sunday is one of the most important days, and it is observed on the Sunday before Easter, thus marking the start of the Holy week, the events of which lead up to the death of Jesus.

It is a beautiful scene to watch thousands of Christians dressed brightly, holding palm leaves and going in groups to their respective parishes early in the morning. The Palm Sunday is a day has a message to the entire world since it was ascertained that good always wins over evil.

On this day in Biblical times, Jesus Christ made a triumphant entry into Jerusalem where thousands of his disciples welcomed him and waved palm leaves signifying the victory of good over evil. Palm Sunday is also the beginning of the holy week. Mangalorean Christians, true to their city’s name “Rome of the East”, celebrate Palm Sunday in the most authentic way.

Palm Sunday is the re-enactment of the biblical event. Christians who welcomed Jesus covered the path he walked in Jerusalem with palm leaves. Thereafter he began his journey to the cross, which included the Last Supper and the Crucifixion and, three days later, Resurrection. Palm Sunday is the precursor to the chain of events.

The re-enactment of this Biblical event is so re-assuring. Christians go in a procession holding palm leaves which were earlier blessed by the priests of their respective parishes.