The parishioners of St Sebastian church Bendur celebrated the feast of Nativity with enthusiasm and devotion here on September 8.

In St Sebastian Church, the procession of the Bambina of Infant Mary, began from 2 places, Bendurwell and Nanthur. All the people marched in procession by carrying New grown Paddy corn and children carrying flowers. The procession culminated at St Sebastian Church, accompanied by the faithful carrying the sheaves of newly grown rice.

Parish Priest of St Sebastian Church Fr Antony Serrao blessed the newly grown paddy which was followed by children offering flowers to Mother Mary as the congregation sang “Sakkad sangatha melya”.

Fr Antony Serrao along with Assistant Parish Priests Paul Crasta  and Fr John Baptist  celebrated the mass.

Fr Antony Serrao in his homily, speaking about the significance of the feast and Mother Mary, said that “Mother Mary is God’s most loved creation. Mother Mary’s birth was Salvation’s dawn; her birth marked a new era.” He also said that the Nativity feast brings unity in every family and every family is renewed with love and understanding.

Recalling a story of a mother, he said that she was very happy, when her children offered her flowers on her birthday and her eyes were filled with tears and she said, “What more would I need than this? I am so happy”.  He continued and said, “If an earthly mother would feel happy with small gifts, how would our heavenly Mother feel when we all offer flowers to her? We have offered flowers to Mother Mary for 9 days and she must be the happiest person to accept flowers from her children.

He also said, Indian Catholic Church has declared September 8, a “Girl Child Day”-So that the society should respect the girl child, women, mothers and sisters. Now a days women and girls are not respected by the society. Small girls and women are raped everywhere, every minute. We need to respect our mothers, sisters, wives and women in general. Let us keep girls in our sister’s place because girls are a gift from God. They are the birth givers and they should be respected.

New grown paddy corn was distributed to the parishioners and children left happily with sugar canes!