Sunday Announcements – 19.01.2020

Children who will be promoted to fourth standard will receive the first Holy Communion this year on Sunday 3rd  of May.  There will be a meeting on Sunday, 2nd  of February at 8.00am in the parish hall for the parents & the children who will be receiving the First Holy Communion.

Sunday Catechism test will be on Sunday16th of February during the catechism time.  Parents are requested to guide their children to prepare themselves for this test.

Parish Catechism day will be on 23rd February 2019 during 9.15am mass.  Catechism teachers   and all children to be present.

Next   Saturday January 25th there will be old Parish Pastoral Council.  Meeting at 6.15pm.  all the old Parish Pastoral Council members are requested  to be present.  There will be evaluation; suggestions vote of thanks.  The meeting will conclude with a following meal. 

On 26th New Parish Pastoral council will be take charge during the 6.45 mass.    All members have to take the promise on oath at 6.45am.  Whole parish Pastoral council members are requested to be present by 6.30am in the church portico.  Kindly be in time. After the mass there will be the meeting of the new Parish Pastoral Council

The wards for House Blessing for this week:

Nanthur Monday  – 20th
Kaibattal  II Monday  &  Tuesday   –  20th  &  21st
Church ward I Monday & Tuesday  –  20th  &  21st
Balmatta II Monday, Tuesday  & Wednesday  – 20th , 21st 
Shivabagh III Tuesday , Wednesday  &  Thursday  – 21st,  22nd  & 23rd
Kaibattal  I Wednesday, Thursday  &  Friday  –  22nd, 23rd & 24th
Kankanady I Thursday, Friday  & Saturday – 23rd, 24th & 25th
Kadri II Friday  –  24th  

House blessing list for this week is put up on the notice Board.

The wards for House Blessing for the next week:

Bendurwell I Monday & Tuesday  – 27th & 28th
Kadri II Monday & Tuesday  – 27th & 28th
Kadri Rocks Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – 27th , 28th & 29th
Lower Bendur  IV Monday , Tuesday  & Friday – 27th , 28th & 31st
Tharethota Wednesday  & Thursday  – 29th & 30th
Mallikatte I Thursday & Friday – 30th & 31st
Kadri III Thursday & Friday – 30th & 31st

Next week’sMass Liturgy is as follows:

Saturday, 5.00 pm mass by members of Legion of Mary

  Sunday,  6.45 am mass by members of  Mallikatte  III Ward

      and  5.00 pm mass by members of  Lower Bendur I  Ward

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