We will have our Annual retreat in Konkani from 23rd    to 27th  March  in the evening from 5pm to 7.30pm.  Please make it a point to take part in this retreat.

On the occasion of ‘Year of life’ on 22nd March Sunday we have organized  a short  seminar on  suicide awareness.  That day 22nd March Sunday evening mass will at 4.30pm and Seminar will be from 5.30 to 7pm.  Kindly cooperate and willingly participate.  

During the Lenten season to have spiritual experience we have organized Taize Prayer on 21st  March evening at 6.30pm at our church. 

Taize Prayer a special Prayer experience with chants, hymns and silence.

It was Ist Started in a place called Taizea village near Cluny in France.  IT was started by Br Rozer and his community of Hermits / monks.    They are called Taize Brothers.  IT was ISt Started for Youth.  Then it attracted the people of the all age group.  Now it has spread all over the   Christian Countries.  We will be having prayer experience as  part of the Lenten season .  It is normally conducted in the evening with a particular style of lighting etc.  There will be veneration of the cross.  Come all of you and have this prayer experience.

The St Vincent De Paul Society a unit of Our Lady of Holy Rosary Cathedral will be organizing Community Weddings on Sunday, 3rd May 2020.  Couples those want to join the community wedding can meet the Parish Priest for the formalities.  Details are on the notice board.

Mangala Jyothi  Bajjodi is organizing Bible study for Laity from 20-25th April 2020.  Details are on the notice board.

There will be live Way of the Cross on 15th March at 5pm St Antony’s Campus, Jeppu.  You are most welcome to participate in same

Next Sunday, there will be Catholic Sabha meeting at 9.15am

Next week’s Mass Liturgy is as follows:

Saturday, 5.00 pm mass by members of Spiritual Committee

Sunday,  6.45 am mass by Bikarnakatte ward

Sunday,  5.00 pm mass by the members of  Bendurwell  II  Ward   

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