Sunday Catechism Exam will be on Next Sunday 16th February.  We request the parents to take interest in your children as you take interest in their academic studies, so that children may prepare themselves for the catechism exam.  Catechism exam is compulsory for the children studying from 1st standard to X std.

Catechism Day will be celebrated on Sunday 23rd February.  All children and parents are requested to attend 9.15am mass on that day.

Saturday, 22nd February, at 6.15 there will be SCC Core Committee  Gurkars and one member of the ward to be present.   

The new Parish   Pastoral   Parishad   members will meet Next Sunday on 16th February at  9.15am.  All members are requested to attend the meeting without fail. Those who have not taken oath on 26th should meet the Parish priest before 16th February 2020.

Next Sunday, there will be Catholic Sabha meeting at 10.15am instead of  9.15am

The wards for House Blessing for this week :

Lower Bendur II Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday & Thursday,10th, 11th , 12th &13th
Upper Bendur I Monday & Tuesday- 10th & 11th
Mallikatte III Monday & Tuesday – 10th & 11th
Benduwell II Wednesday & Thursday – 12th & 13th
Kaibattal III Wednesday, Thursday &  Friday -12th ,13th & 14th
Kankanady III Tuesday & Wednesday,  11th & 12th

House blessing list for this week is put up on the notice Board

The wards for House Blessing for the next week : 

Kadri Tollgate II Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, 17th , 18th & 19th
Upper bendur  III Monday,  Tuesday & Wednesday, 17th , 18th & 19th

Next week’s Mass Liturgy is as follows:

Saturday, 5.00 pm mass by members of Women’s Sodality

Sunday,  6.45 am mass by members of Kaibattal I

       and  5.00 pm mass by members of  Church View

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