Weekly information – 02.02.2020

Sunday Catechism test will be on Sunday 16th of February during the catechism time.  Parents are requested to guide their children to prepare themselves for this test.

Parish Catechism day will be on 23rdh February 2019 during 9.15am mass.  Catechism teachers  and all children to be present.

Feast of  the Relic of St Antony will be held on 15th February 2020., Saturday.  The details  on  the  notice  board. 

Church bulletin, “Voice of Bendur” is ready. Gurkars kindly collect your copies for your ward. We thank the Editor Mrs  Patsy  Britto , and Editorial board members and all those co-operated to bring this issue well designed.

We will be taking Communion to the sick and aged during this week:

Monday        : Church Wards, Padua & Nanthur wards

Tuesday        : Lower Bendur, Upper Bendur & Balmatta Wards

Wednesday   : Kadri wards, Kankanady  Wards

Thursday      : Kadri Tollgate, Calvary & Kaibattal Wards


The wards for House Blessing for this week:

Lower Bendur III Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday-3rd, 4th & 5th
Nod Kadri II Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday-3rd, 4th & 5th
Shivabagh I Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday-3rd, 4th & 5th
Upper Bendur II Tuesday & Wednesday- 4th & 5th
Kadri I Thursday & Friday – 6th & 7th
Kankandy IV Thursday  & Friday – 6th & 7th
Yeyyadi Thursday-6th

House blessing list for this week is put up on the notice Board. 

The wards for House Blessing for the next week :

Lower Bendur II Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday,10th, 11th & 12th
Upper Bendur I Monday & Tuesday- 10th, & 11th
Mallikatte III Monday & Tuesday10th, & 11th
Benduwell II Wednesday & Thursday – 12th,  & 13th
Kaibattal III Wednesday, Thursday &  Friday -12th ,13th & 14th

Next week’s Mass Liturgy is as follows:

Saturday, 5.00 pm mass by members of Church Ward IV

Sunday,  6.45 am mass by members of  Nod Kadri II Ward

       and  5.00 pm mass by members of Church ward III ward

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